Is There a Conspiracy Preventing a Diabetes Cure?


Correspondent Allison (Blass) Nimlos, who lives with diabetes and is a journalist working for Diabetes Mine, a diabetes advocacy blog, posed an interesting question to blog followers.  She asked them, “What would you say to people who think there is a conspiracy?”  She was speaking to several medical experts in the field of diabetes who should know the answer.  Now, she knew these experts would never admit to such a thing, “– that’s ludicrous,” she said, but the discussion that followed provides an excellent picture of how people feel about our healthcare industry. I provide the link to the referenced posting on Diabetes Mine here with a recommendation that you read the comments section at the end.  Also, if you have a particular interest in diabetes, Diabetes Mine is an excellent resource.  Here’s the link:  Is There a Conspiracy Preventing a Diabetes Cure? : DiabetesMine: the all things diabetes blog.


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